You can find the time and location of the lectures and lab sessions on TimeEdit. Note that the contents of the lectures listed here is preliminary and may be updated during the semester. The slides for each lecture will be made available on the day after the lecture. Last year’s slides can be viewed already (some are in Swedish).

Date Subject Reading instructions Slides Examples Quizzes
September 10 Introduction to the course and basic programming concepts Parts of chapter 1 and 2 new old HelloWorld.java Variables and primitive types
September 11 Primitive datatypes, Scanner and Math classes, if-statements Parts of chapter 1, 2 and 3 new old SumCalculator.java LeapYear.java If statements and variables
September 17 Iteration: while-loops, for-loops and do-while-loops Chapter 4 new old Triangle.java Average.java Heron.java While loops
September 24 Top-down design, methods, parameter passing Chapter 5 new old
October 1 More about methods Chapter 5 new old Prime.java Swapper.java swap.txt Methods
October 8 One-dimensional arrays and the String class Chapter 6 new old ArrayUtils.java Arrays in Java
October 15 Reading and writing files, multidimensional arrays, the ArrayList class Chapter 6 new old MatrixTools.java Filter.java InsertionSort.java IOExample.java data.txt Multi-dimensional arrays
October 22 Testing and error handling Parts of chapter 7 new old Main.java (lab3 with file chooser) Postage.java Exceptions
November 6 Recap of Part 1 Chapter 1 - 6 and parts of chapter 7 new old Recap part I
November 8 Objects and classes Chapter 8 new old Glass.java Java objects and classes
November 13 Subclasses and interfaces Chapter 9 new old Shapes.zip ArrayStack.zip Inheritance
November 20 Graphical interfaces & event-driven programming Chapter 10 new old HelloFrame.java TranslationGUI.java ShapeDisplayer.zip Event-driven programming
November 27 Reasoning about program correctness Chapter 7 new old BirthdayParty.zip
December 4 Software design Chapter 5.9, parts of Chapters 12 and 13 new old Hanoi.zip