Romaric Duvignau

Room 5124 (working essentially remotely), EDIT building, Rännvägen 6 · +46 31 772 69 76 ·
c/o Chalmers, Networks and Systems, 412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden

I am an Assistant Professor since 2020 within the Networks and Systems division of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, a shared department between Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg (IT Faculty). Within the division, I am working in the Distributed Computing and Systems group in EDIT building at Johanneberg Campus. Research-wise, I am currently mainly working on different distributed problems targeting the reduction of communication overhead in vehicular networks, smart grids and other IoT systems, in collaboration with Marina Papatriantafilou and Vincenzo Gulisano.

My current research focuses on bringing P2P-inspired energy trading policies to communities of prosumer households. It is sponsored by the ADAPT: Adaptive DigitAl Power sysTems project in collaboration with Marina Papatriantafilou, Vincenzo Gulisano as well as Lisa Göransson and Verena Heinisch from Chalmers's Division of Energy Technology within the Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology. My other main interest is on parallel and distributed data streaming in vehicular and other Cyber-physical systems. I participated as part as my 2017-2019 postdoc position in the On-board Off-board Distributed Data Analytics (OODIDA) project (in collaboration with Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Trucks, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre and Alkit Communications AB), and am still working in close collaboration with Bastian Havers, industrial PhD student at Volvo. My previous research interests focused on maintenance of random graph distributions in a distributed environment. The main research focus of my thesis was about finding and analysing interesting and realistic models of random graphs, which admit efficient maintenance algorithms.

My specialities, feel free to ask questions!
  • LaTeX
  • C


Temporary Teacher Assistant

Marseille, France (2016-2017)

Temporary Teaching and Research Fellow (French: ATER for Attaché Temporaire à l'Enseignement et à la Recherche) working at Theoretical Computer Science Laboratory (LIF) and teaching at the Faculty of Science of Aix-Marseille Université. I worked in the Distributed Algorithms (DALGO) team within the LIF.

Bordeaux, France (2015-2016)

ATER teaching at the Computer Science department of the University of Bordeaux and working at the Computer Science Research Laboratory of Bordeaux (French: LaBRI - short for Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique).


PhD Student

Bordeaux, France

My thesis is titled Maintenance and simulation of dynamic random graphs and has been supervised by Pr Philippe Duchon. I defended my thesis on the 16th of October 2015 (slides, in french) with the following jury: Conrado Martínez and Vlady Ravelomanana (thesis reviewers); Ralf Klasing (president), Cyril Nicaud, Emmanuel Godard and Danièle Gardy. During my PhD, I belonged to the Mathematics and Computer Science Doctoral School (French: École Doctoral de Mathématiques et d'Informatique) of the University of Bordeaux. As part of my PhD contract, I taught at the Computer Science Department of the University Institute of Technology of Bordeaux for three academic years.


Curriculum Vitæ

You can find my résumé here.



Selected Publications (DBLP, ORCID)

International Conferences

Journal Papers


Selected Talks, Posters and Committees





At Chalmers

Computer Science B.Sc. and Master Program in Computer Systems and Networks (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Computer Communication, Examiner, course responsible and coordinator 2020. EDA343/DIT423 Datakommunikation LP4 (8 Lectures in 2018, 9 Lectures in 2019), EDA344/DIT420 (4 Lectures in 2018 and 2019), and LEU061 Datakommunikation at Lindholmen (2 Lectures in 2019). Undergradutate course.
  • Operating Systems (3 Lectures in 2018 and 2019). Master course.
  • Data-driven support for cyber-physical systems, Master Course, Project supervision in 2019.
  • Technical Writing, Master Course, Project supervision in 2018 and 2019.

Previous Teaching Experience

Faculty of Science (Aix-Marseille Université, France)
  • Software fiability (graduate, 30h) course head: advanced unit testing in Java/jUnit and some of its dedicated libraries (dbUnit, jMockit, code coverage, ...)
  • Advanced algorithmics (undergradutate, 40h) remote teaching head: implementation of classic data structures (hashtables, AVL trees, dynamic programming) and graph algorithms (max flow) in Java.
  • Basic CS tools (undergradutate, 40h) local head: Spreadsheet, Html/css, LaTeX, Bash
  • Introduction to Programming (undergradutate, 20h): C.
Computer Science Department (University of Bordeaux, France)
  • C++ intensive class (Gradutate, 16 hrs), C++ syntax and features (objects, templates, ...), partly taught in English.
  • Introduction to CS (Undergrad, 42h): Graphs theory and Image processing in Python.
  • Theoretical CS (Undergrad, 38h): first order logic, sets, relations, well founded sets...
University of Bordeaux Technical School (France)
  • Operating Systems (16h): process, memory management (virtualization) and file systems (RAID)
  • Web Programming -- static web (32h): Word, Html/css.
  • Web programming -- client side (24h): client side web technologies overview including javascript, DOM, xml, json, ajax, jQuery and angularJS.
  • Image Processing (3x24h): principles of image processing including histogram equalization, border detection, pattern recognition and OpenGL pipeline.
  • Undergrad project supervisions: android pedagogical application (2x8h).
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Programming in C/C++ (36h).
  • Unix (4h).


Master Thesis, in collaboration with Ericsson
  • (starting spring 2020) Evaluating RPC for Cloud-Native 5G Mobile Network Applications. Rasmus Johansson, Hanna Kraft.
  • (starting spring 2020) Edge+: Security using Telecommunications Networks in an Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem. Henrik Hildebrand, Magnus Brattlöf.
  • 5G User Plane Load Simulator. Olof Düsterdieck, Tasdikul Huda.
  • Investigation of high performance configurations on the Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG). Tsigabu Mebrahtu Birhanu, Georgios Chatziadam. Supervised with Ivan Walulya.
  • EPGTOP: A tool for continuous monitoring of a distributed system. Konstantinos Peratinos and Sarkhan Ibayev. 2019.
Technical Writing Groups
  • Mobile Data Traffic Modelling (2019). Colin Owusu Adomako, Kyriaki Paniskaki, Chaiyapruek Muangsiri.
  • A Survey of Distributed Monitoring Models (2018). Olof Düsterdieck, Viren Nadkarni, David Ström.
Data-driven Support for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Modeling Streaming Data for 5G (2019). Niklas Jonsson, Tejaswini Priyanka R.


Selected Programs

Broadcast time in unsure graphs (2017)
Generation tree (2016)
Simulation programs (2015)

Selected Languages/Tools

Languages/Tools I have used and/or taught at different level of expertise


Sport Climbing

You might meet me at a nearby climbing gym very close to my office, but of course I'm also always ready if you're motivated to get out your best friends and climb some crags around Gothenburg. I used to climb regularly in the Marseille region. My level on natural rocks is about 6a/6a+ on sight for equipped (multi-pitches) routes.

Coding Challenge

I have participated in Google Ai Challenge 2010 and Google Ai Challenge 2011 with the following entries:

As a pastime, I also like to solve StackExchange Code Golf puzzles.

Esoteric programming languages

I have coded a self-interpretor in the beautiful BF language which appears to be 2nd smallest known so far to my knowledge:



I like to travel and to learn foreign languages.