My research focuses on web security, data and application security, language-based security, IoT security, and location privacy. I lead a team of researchers, engaged in a number of EU and national projects and collaborations with industry including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and SAP.

My (about 100) papers are published in venues that include conference flagships IEEE Security & Privacy and ACM CCS, and journal flagships IEEE TDSC and ACM TISSEC. Most recent:

I serve on the steering committees of IEEE CSF (chair) and NordSec, and (about 100) program committees including IEEE Security & Privacy and ACM CCS. Current/recent PCs:

I am recipient of the Facebook Research and Academic Relations Program Gift (2016), Google Faculty Research Award (2016), ERC Starter/Consolidator (2012), Chalmers Research Supervisor of the year (2010), and SSF Future Research Leader (2008) awards.

Check out the attacks, protocols, and tools recently designed within my team: InnerCircle, SandPass, JSFlow, SeLINQ, PDF polyglots, GlassTube, and more!

PhD students
  • Benjamin Eriksson
  • Iulia Bastys
  • Alexander Sjösten
  • Daniel Schoepe
  • Elena Pagnin
  • Musard Balliu
  • Steven Van Acker
PhD students graduated
  • Daniel Hausknecht
  • Per Hallgren
  • Luciano Bello
  • Willard Rafnsson
  • Arnar Birgisson
  • Jonas Magazinius
  • Aslan Askarov
  • Alejandro Russo