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I am Nikolas' and Yiannis' father. I am also a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. I am the co-leader of the Distributed Computing and Systems Research Group. Formerly I was with these institutes.

My CV in pdf can be found

Research Interests

My current research interests center on distributed/parallel computing and systems and information visualization in general. More specifically my research interests include:
- efficient and fault tolerant inter-process communication/coordination mechanisms, with applications in: i) Lock-free programming and lock-free data structures for multicore and many core systems, in particular on the EXCESS and
PEPPHER project, the NOBLE library project and the Euro-TM project. The WARPing, the Lockless-Spark98&Lockless-miniSPLASH2, the NBmalloc, the  Dynamic Load Balancing on Graphics Processors projects were also projects from the same general area. ii) Algorithms for multicore systems, in particular in the GPU Quicksort project.

- Secure Network Services and Communication.

- communication and data fusion in mobile systems in particular on the MiNEMA programme and the DYNAMO action;
- visualization of distributed algorithms, files, networks and software, in particular on the
LYDIAN, the CausalViz, the CiteWiz and the TrustNeighborhoods projects.
- interactive visualization for reducing occlusion in 3D environments, in particular on the
PMorph and the "Image-Space Dynamic Transparency" projects. 

For more information please have a look at the page of the
distributed computing and systems research group, you can also look at the list of my publications. A couple of news and press releases from Chalmers (in Swedish) regarding our research can be found here and here.


Best paper awards: 
1)     ''Fast and Lock-Free Concurrent Priority Queues for Multi-Thread Systems",17th IEEE/ACM International Parallel And Distributed Processing Symposium, 2003. 
2)     “Towards modeling legitimate and unsolicited email traffic using social network properties", Fifth Workshop on Social Network Systems (SNS 2012).
Papers invited to special issues of journals devoted to selected papers:
1)     "Animated Visualization of Causal Relations Through Growing 2D Geometry" 
2)     "Reactive Multi-word Synchronization for Multiprocessors" 
3)     "Allocating Memory in a Lock-free Manner"
4)     "DataMeadow: A Visual Canvas for Analysis of Large-Scale Multivariate Data"
5)     “Strategies for Repeated Games With Subsystem Takeovers: Implementable by Deterministic and Self-Stabilizing Automata”

  Academic Children

- Yi Zhang, Ph.D. received June 2003, SAP Research. First employment: Research Fellow at The University of Birmingham, England. Dissertation: Non-blocking Synchronization: Algorithms and Performance Evaluation. Download the disseratation in pdf.
- Håkan Sundell, Ph.D. received November 2004. Startup, CEO Parallel Scalable Solutions,
PSS. Dissertation: Efficient and Practical Non-Blocking Data Structures. Download the dissertation in pdf.
- Boris Koldehofe, Ph.D. received March 2005 (co-supervised with Marina Papatriantafilou), First employment: PostDoc at The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. Dissertation: Distributed Algorithms and Educational Simulation/Visualisation in Collaborative Environments.
Download the disseratation in pdf.
- Phuong Ha, Ph.D. received June 2006. First Employment: PostDoc at the University of Tromsø. Norway. Dissertation: Reactive Concurrent Data Structures and Algorithms for Synchronization. Download the dissertation in
- Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D. received December 2006. First Employment: PostDoc at the University Paris Sud, France. DIssertation: 3D Occlusion Management and Causality Visualization. Download the dissertation in

- Daniel Cederman, Ph.D. received March 2011. First Employment: PostDoc at our group working at the PEPPHER project. Dissertation: Concurrent Algorithms and Data-Structures for Many-Core Processors. Download the dissertation in pdf.

- Andreas Larsson, Ph.D. received June 2012. First Employment: Aeroflex Gaisler AB. Dissertation: Security and Self-stabilization in Sensor Network Services. Download the dissertation in pdf.

- Nhan D. Nguyen, Ph.D. received May 2014. First Employment: NTT Com Security Sweden AB. Dissertation: On Composability, Efficient Design and Memory Reclamation of Lock-free Data Structures. Download the dissertation in pdf.

- Farnaz Moradi, Ph.D. received September 2014. First Employment: ERICSSON Research. Dissertation: Improving Community Detection Methods for Network Data. Download the dissertation in pdf.

The youngsters

I am currently working with these great PhD students.

Academic Ancestrors

My academic father is Lefteris Kirousis, he was my thesis advisor. Click here to find his academic father from the Mathematics Genealogy Project.



Most of the research mentioned above would have not been possible without the support from VR (Swedish Research Council), SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)KBM (the Swedish Emergency Management Agency), ESF (European Science Foundation), Microsoft Research, Chalmers Foundation.


Distributed Systems II - Distribuerade system fk, TDA297 (CTH), DIT290 (GU). LP3 – 7.5 hec (hp)

Some Masters' Thesis Projects

Educational programs for children.
Secure Clock Synchronization in Sensor Networks.
Visualization of Citation Networks.

Contact me to discuss possible projects.

How to Reach Me


My office is at the EDIT-building, Rännvägen 6B (campus map), 5th floor, room 5112. For detailed information you can look at a neighborhood map.

Postal Address

Philippas Tsigas
Department of Cs&E
Chalmers University of Technology
S-412 96 Göteborg


last name # at #


My office number is +46 31 772 5409.


My office fax number is +46 31 772 3663.





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