Supervision of Research

I am fortunate to be working with very talented researchers and students, in particular:


Oscar Morales Ponce: first job after Chalmers, an assistant professor at California State University, Long Beach.

Vladimir Savic: first job after Chalmers, a senior system engineer at Qamcom Research and Technology.

PhD students

Thomas Petig: first job after Chalmers, a senior system engineer at Qamcom Research and Technology.

Iosif Salem: first job after Chalmers, a postdoctoral researcher with Stefan Schmid at the Communication Technologies research group of Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna.

Graduation of Iosif Salem and Thomas Petig

Research assistants

Mohamed Mustafa: first job after Chalmers, expert integration engineer - subject matter expert at Ericsson.

Mitra Pahlavan: first job after Chalmers, a software engineer at Mecel AB. Currently, a system designer at Volvo Cars.

Master Thesis Examination

  1. Examiner of Robin Karlsson (Securing Chaos: An Ultra Low-Latency Wireless Network Protocol for Mission Critical Applications, 2018)
  2. Examiner of Henning Phan (Towards Wireless Communication with Bounded Delay, 2016)
  3. Examiner of David Bennehag and Yanuar Nugraha (Global Positioning inside Tunnels Using Camera Pose Estimation and Point Clouds, 2016)
  4. Examiner of Karthikeyan Ravindran and Xingge Xu (AUTOSAR and Linux - Single chip solution Implementation of Automotive Multipurpose ECU Prototype system using hypervisor solution, 2015)
  5. Examiner of Guillermo Barredo Garcia (Session Management Algorithms for Solving K-Token Dissemination Using Network Coding, 2014)
  6. Examiner of Gabriel Rizopulos and Niklas Strom (Investigation of Interconnect Algorithms in a Radio Base Station Environment, 2013)
  7. Examiner of Yonas Tsegaye and Tewodros Geberehana (OSPF Convergence Times, 2013)
  8. Examiner of Arenhage Daniel and Fabian Lyrfors (Migrating and testing distributed cloud based web applications, 2012)
  9. Examiner of Benjamin Vedder (Gulliver: Design and Implementation of a Miniature Vehicular System, 2012)
  10. Examiner of Sara Andersson (Business Intelligence For Improving Performance Of Microwave Transmission Evaluation, 2011)

Master Thesis Supervision

  1. Supervisor of Ibrahim Fayaz: Reliable Virtual Blinker: Risk Analysis of Dynamic Traffic Priorities, 2018.
  2. Supervisor of Anton Lundgren and Ivan Tannerud: Implementing and evaluating a Self-Stabilizing Software Defined Network Control Plane, 2018.
  3. Supervisor of Linnea Fritz: A Decentralized Application for Verifying a Matching Algorithm Programming and Testing a Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain, 2018.
  4. Supervisor of Mathias Andreasson and Tomas Hasselquist: Arbitrating Intersection Crossing using V2I communications, 2018.
  5. Supervisor of Robert Gustafsson and Andreas Lindhe: Self-Stabilizing Services for Emulating Distributed Shared Memory on Message Passing Platforms, 2018.
  6. Supervisor of Anton Johansson and Johannes Sjoberg: Algorithms for coverage mapping and optimizing beacon placement in a hybrid indoor positioning system, 2018.
  7. Supervisor of Albin Casparsson and David Gardtman: A Real-Time Testbed for Distributed Algorithms:Evaluation of Average Consensus inSimulated Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, 2017.
  8. Supervisor of Emil Kristiansson and Johan Persson: Back-off Regulator for Improved Throughput, Congestion Avoidance and Fairness.
  9. Supervisor of Ronakorn Soponpunth: Fusing data from multiple vehicles into a common picture, 2016.
  10. Supervisor of Gustav Ehrenborg and Herman Fransson: Sensor Fusion based Indoor Positioning with iBeacons, 2016.
  11. Supervisor of Alireza Davoudian: Design of a Localization-Based Collision Avoidance System For Wireless Car, 2014.
  12. Supervisor of Xin Zhang: Distributed Diagnostics Tool for Sensor Networks, 2013.
  13. Supervisor of Mohamed Hassan Mustafa: Self-* Pulse Synchronization for Autonomous TDMA MAC in VANETs, 2012.
  14. Supervisor of Mitra Pahlavan: Design and Implementation of Gulliver, a Test-bed for Developing.
  15. Supervisor of Ning He: Validating relocation analysis of MAC algorithms, 2010.
  16. Supervisor of Gongxi Zhu: Evaluating new MAC algorithms for mobile ad hoc networks, 2010.
  17. Supervisor of Yang Yang and Xiaochu Wang: Forecasting short term traffic conditions using vehicular ad-hoc network, 2009.
  18. Supervisor of Ilhan Uludag: Validating reservation-base MAC algorithms for vehicular ad-hoc network, 2009.
  19. Supervisor of Zahid Iqbal: Self-stabilizing Media Access in Sensor Networks, 2008.
  20. Supervisor of Lei Nie: Robust software infrastructure for mobile ad hoc network - virtual stationary automata, 2007.
  21. Supervisor of Wei Li: Robust software infrastructure for mobile ad hoc network - autonomous virtual mobile nodes, 2007.

Bachelor Thesis Supervision

For the past three years, we had a number of bachelor thesis projects with Volvo trucks.

Visit of Volvo Trucks to the Demonstration Lab