Paragon is a language extension to the programming language Java that enables practical programming with information flow controls.


To compile and run a Paragon program you need the Paragon compiler as well as a collection of interface files and the Paragon run time environment. Select the right version:

Paragon 0.1 Supports explicit actors (as in the POPL '10 paper).
Paragon 0.2 Supports objects as actors (as in the APLAS '13 paper).

Interface files Runtime
Paragon 0.1 32 bit 64 bit 64 bit source libPI.zip libs
Paragon 0.2 32 bit 64 bit 64 bit source libPI.zip paragon_rt.jar

Paragon 0.2 can also be installed from Hackage: cabal install paragon

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Get started with Paragon via our online interactive tutorial, or take a look at some of our case studies.


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Questions regarding Paragon can be addressed to the current developers: Niklas Broberg, Bart van Delft and David Sands.

Previous contributors: Filippo Del Tedesco, Jens Lideström, Dmytro Lypai, Shayan Najd Javadipour, Javed Nazir and Yannick Zakowski.