Important Note
Signing up for written hall examinations is mandatory.
If you don’t sign up, you will not be able allowed to take the exam and will have to wait until the next re-examination period.
GU students: You find information about how to and when to sign up on the CSE’s pages on the GU Student Portal.
Chalmers students: You find the information about how to and when to sign up on the Student Portal at Chalmers.

Since VT13 the examination of the course consists of 2 parts: weekly assignments valid 1.5 hp and a written exam valid 6 hp.
One needs to pass both these parts in order to pass the course.

Since VT15 the final grade in the course is based on the performance on both the assignments and the exam.

Weekly Assignments

There will be 7 assignments and the total amount of points for all assignments together will be 64 points.
To pass the assignment part of the course one needs to get at least 50% of the sum of the points of all the weekly assignments together, that is, one needs to get at least 32 points in total in the assignments.

Each assignment will be made available not later than 1 week before the deadline.

For more information about the weekly assignments please visit the page on assignments.


No help material but dictionaries to/from English or Swedish.

Dates of the exams during 2018: 29 May efternoon and 22 August morning.
Check Chalmers studieportalen for the exam location and possible updates.

Grade information in exam: The table below shows the nr of points (in a total of 60) one needs to get in the exam in order to obtain a certain grade in the exam.

Course Code   Nr of hp   Chalmers GU
  TMV027 or DIT321 (registered VT13 or later)   6 hp   3: >=27, 4: >= 38, 5: >= 49     G: >=27, VG: >= 45  

Any exercise in the assignments of this course is a typical exam question.
During one of the last lecture we will go through old exams. See the weekly schedule for further information.

Final Grade

The final grade in the course is indicated by the equation and the table below, where
Final points: FP = EP + EA x 0.1875

  Grade     FP  
3 33
4 44
5 55
  Grade     FP  
G 33
VG 51

Note: Remember that both parts of the course need to be passed in order to pass the whole course!!


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