Contact Information

Feel free to contact any of us working in the course, either after the lectures/exercise sessions or via email!

Lecturer and Examiner

Ana Bove, mail: bove(at)chalmers(dot)se


Mainly first half Victor López mail: lopezv(at)chalmers(dot)se
of the course Andrea Vezzosi mail: vezzosi(at)chalmers(dot)se
Mainly second half     Daniel Schoepe    mail: schoepe(at)chalmers(dot)se
of the course Marco Vassena mail: vassena(at)chalmers(dot)se

Course Mailing List

By the beginning of the second week, all those students registered in the course will be registered to the mailing list of the course fafl(at)lists(dot)chalmers(dot)se.
A mail confirming the registration and containing log-in information to the Mailman administrative interface will be sent to each student.
Those students who don't get such mail please visit this page to register.
Be aware one can only post to the list with the mail address one has been registered to the list.

Note: The mailing list is being moderated to make sure that only mails concerning all/many students are sent to the list.
Questions that only concern a particular students should be sent directly to me (Ana).