Cheating and its Consequences

Important Note
The assignments in this course are obligatory and part of the examination of the course.
They are to be thought, written and submitted individually.


Be aware that both the assignments and the exam are part of the examination. Any founded suspicious we might have about students submitting similar solutions will be considered as possible cheating.

Note that we cannot know who copied from whom, so all the students that submit similar solutions will be considered equally involved in the possible cheating.

What Happens when One Suspects Cheating

The student(s) involved will be reported to the Disciplinary Board at the corresponding university. The disciplinary board will study the case and decide on it. If the student(s) is(are) found guilty of cheating, the disciplinary board will determine the corresponding penalty, which can range from a warning, through suspension for several weeks or months. Suspension means the students are not allowed to take part in any teaching activities or exams, and (of course) the students will not receive "studiemedel" during that time.

Be aware that a student risks these penalties even if another student copies his/her solution without the student knowledge. Hence each student should make sure that his/her solutions to the assignments are kept in a place only he/she can access.

How to Work on the Assignments

Aim of the Assignments

The main purpose of the assignments in this course is for the students to develop a good understanding and to gain knowledge about the different parts in the course. Hence, it is very important that each student does the assignments on his/her own. In this way we can asses what parts a particular student has understood and we can try to explain the parts the student hasn't.

Getting Help with the Assignments

It is only natural that one might not know how to solve some of the exercises in the assignments. To get some help one can:

NOT Allowed with the Assignments

Before a student submits his/her own solution he/she cannot: