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TDA362/DIT223 - Computer graphics lp2      
Examiner: Ulf Assarsson
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Tutorials (sv: Laborationer)
    Lab Rooms
    The room 4225 is booked for your convenience these times:
    • Mondays 17-21. Course assistants available.
    • Tuesdays 13-21. Course assistants available.
    • Wednesdays 13-21. Course assistants available.
    • Thursdays 9-12. Course assistants available.
    • Thursdays 17-21. Course assistants available.

    During these booked timeslots, you have the right to politely "throw out" other students, not belonging to this course if there is a lack of available and suitable computers. Computers are reserved on a first come first served basis. The rooms used for the tutorials, are located at 4:th floor, south corridor in the "ED-huset". See MAP HERE.

    Deadlines for the tutorials
  • Lab 1+2+3, Deadline: Thursday, week 2.
  • Lab 4+5, Deadline: Thursday, week 3.
  • Lab 6, Deadline: Thursday, week 4.
  • Lab 7 / "Project": Deadline: Thursday, week 7.

  • Instructions:
    Start with all tutorials as soon as you can. The deadlines only indicate the very latest time to finish. Tutorials 1-6 walk you through several techniques, step by step. Tutorial 7 is the main tutorial where you implement the techniques yourself, without step-by-step guidance and may take you considerably more time than tutorials 1-6 all together.

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    Course assistants this year: Eric Bjuhr, Simon Moos, Maija Happonen, Elias Forsberg, Dan Dolonius, Sverker Rasmuson.