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TDA362/DIT223 - Computer graphics lp2      
Examiner: Ulf Assarsson
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The course code is updated, 2017, from TDA361/DIT220 to TDA362/DIT223.

Very important: Frequently do "refresh", to avoid watching a cached page, since this web-page is
updated during the course.

  •   Granskning/Review of the exam correction:
      - send me an email if you want to book a time slot
      room 4116, EDIT-building, 4:th floor, west corridor.
  •   Facit, exam April 26:th 2019.

  •   Slides of Frostbites' presentation here:
          (GI & lightmaps)
          (Particle Systems)
          (Real-time Ray Tracing and DXR)

The follow-up course, DAT205/DIT226 Advanced Computer Graphics, will run in study period 3+4 as usual.


Course start: study period 2, week 1.
7,5 Högskolepoäng
Grades: U (failed), 3, 4, 5
Educational Level: Advanced
Teaching language: English

Teacher and Examiner: Ulf Assarsson, intern phone 1775 (031-7721775)
room 4115, floor 4, the corridor along Rännvägen, ED-huset E-mail: see above.
Course assistants: Dan Dolonius (dolonius at chalmers dot se), Sverker Rasmuson (sverkerr dot chalmers dot se)
Course webpage: http://www.cse.chalmers.se/edu/course/TDA362/
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