Note: I actually got the model answer for question 6b wrong. I leave it as an exercise to find the mistake :)

The exam is on Friday the 5th of June, 14-18. You can bring a fusklapp, which should be one sheet of A4 paper with handwritten notes on it (you can write on both sides if you like). You should hand in the fusklapp with the exam. You can also bring a dictionary if you like.

The exam format

There are 6 questions. Instead of points, for each question you get the mark VG, G or U:

  • To get a VG for a question you need to answer it 100% correctly, though I may accept very minor mistakes. Some questions have a part labelled "VG-only"; to get a VG on the question, you need to answer this part too.

  • To get a G for a question you still need to answer it 100% correctly in principle, though I may accept slightly larger mistakes at my discretion. You don’t need to answer any VG-only parts.

To get a G on the exam you need to answer 3 questions to G standard.

To get a VG you need to answer 5 questions to VG standard.

Old exams

You can find last year’s exam, together with answers. Here is last year’s re-exam too, and the answers.