Note on deadlines: if you have missed the final deadline for a lab, you can still pass it by coming to my office (5463) between 1pm and 3pm on the 12th of June, and showing me the finished lab in person. If you can’t make this date, please get in touch with me and we can arrange another one!

There are three labs and one written hand-in. You should work on these in pairs if possible, though you can work on your own if you really want to. Submit everything through Fire.

The labs are part of the examination of the course! This means you must not under any circumstances copy any part of your solution from someone else. GU have in the past suspended students who copied parts of labs: they treat it just the same as cheating on an exam. If the deadline’s approaching and you’re stuck, don’t panic, just submit what you have and you’ll probably be able to get an extension.

Lab supervision is on Tuesday 13-17 and Friday 10-12, in 3354/3358, starting in the second week of term. For the full schedule see TimeEdit.