Advanced Topics in Automata (2003)

Lectures: Tuesday 1400-1600, Ziskind 1


David Harel
Nir Piterman


Rachel Matichin
Dan Barak


The course will cover advanced topics in the theory of automata, with a special emphasis on the theory of automata on infinite words. As a basis for the course, we will review finite automata on finite words, and will present a few important results that are usually not covered in undergraduate courses, as well as some practical outcomes of the topic, such as statecharts. We will then introduce several variants of finite automata over infinite words, will study their closure properties and the conversions between the different variants, and will deal with some decidability issues (e.g., membership, emptiness and universality). We will show applications of automata on infinite words to logic and program verification. Finally, we intend to cover some fundamental results on context free languages and pushdown automata over finite words, such as Parikh's Theorem.


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