Documents and Material

Here you can find documents and material relevant for this years course. We also link to the course home pages for earlier years.


Individual Assignments

  • Assignment 0 - you and your background
  • Assignment 1 - writing requirements
    • Assignment 1A - if you birth date ends in uneven number (1, 3, etc)
    • Assignment 1B - if you birth date ends in even number (0, 2, etc)
    • Example: So if you were born on March 17th you should do assignment 1A (and NOT 1B) since the day you were born ends with a 7.
  • Assignment 2 - Review an SRS

Group Assignment

Research papers

In addition to the course book all the research papers listed and linked to in the course schedule is part of the course. They are included for the exam.

Example SRS

  • Example of an SRS (from 2010) - for examples of how functional requirements can be written see section 3.2.


All your reports for assignments and exercises should be formatted using the IEEE Conference Proceedings format (except for the SRS in the group assignment, see its description for details): and submitted through Fire. Assignment 1-2 is submitted individually and assignment 3 (once) from each group. Here is a short intro and install guide to Latex. And here is a movie tutorial to Latex.

Old written exams

Example of written exams from previous years. NOTE! NO guarantee that the same format or type of questions will be used for upcoming written exams.

Home pages for earlier courses