Requirements Engineering - DAT230/DIT276, lp1, 2011/2012

Course code: DAT165 for Chalmers and DIT276 for GU
Examiner/Lecturer: Robert Feldt, Assistant/Lecturer: Emil Börjesson, Guest lecturer: Per Lenberg (SAAB ATM)

Official schedule can be found in TimeEdit by searching for the DAT230 course code.
The home page for last years course can be found here.
All lectures are held in room Beta which has the number 147 in the Saga building on the Chalmers Lindholmen campus. A map of the campus can be found here. Rest of the time we are in floor 3 of house Jupiter (same campus).
There is a FAQ for the course.



Below you can see the date, time, room and themes for the lectures and workshops. In the column marked "AD" you can see the parts of the main course book (by Alan Davis) relevant for that lecture and in the "Papers" column the relevant research papers. The column "2010 material" has slides and videos from last years course that are (roughly) relevant for the corresponding course element this year (due to changes between the years the overlap/relevance is not always 1-to-1 but you should still study them). You are expected to study all of the chapters, papers and slides/videos that are relevant for a lecture/workshop around the time of that lecture/workshop (preferably before attending it!). Lectures/workshops will not be directly based on the books and papers but will add additional material.

Date & Time Room Theme 2010 material
30/8 10:30-12:15 Beta
L1: !!!MANDATORY!!! Course introduction, RE overview, Functional/Quality reqs (RF) [V, S]
Slides-L1-10, Video-L1-10 Nuseibeh2000
ch. 1
31/8 08:30-10:15 Beta
W1: Req Specification 1, Natural Language Reqs, User Stories, Assignment 1 (EB) [V1, V2, S]
Slides-L4-10, Videos-L4-10
appendix B
1/9 13:15-15:00
L2: !!!MANDATORY!!! GUEST LECTURE by Per Lenberg from SAAB Air Traffic Management [V, S]

--- 5/9 18:00 ---
--- DEADLINE: Assignment 1 ---
6/9 10:30-12:15
W2: Quality of Requirements and SRS, Assignment 2 (EB) [V part 2 only!, S]

IEEEStd830 ch. 4 (p. 128-135)
7/9 08:30-10:15
L3: RE Concepts & (SE) Processes, Bespoke RE, Stakeholder identification, Elicitation 1 (RF) [S]
Slides-L2-10, Video-L2-10
Slides-L3-10, Video-L3-10
Sharp1999 ch.4 (p. 136-145), ch. 2
8/9 13:15-15:00
L4: Elicitation 2, Req Specification 2, formal approaches (RF)  [V, S]

ch. 2, ch. 4 (p. 119-127 & 157-162)
--- 9/9 18:00 --- ---
--- DEADLINE: Assignment 2 --- --- --- ---
--- 12/9 18:00 --- --- --- DEADLINE: Assignment 0 --- --- --- ---
13/9 10:30-12:15
L5: Quality (Non-functional) Requirements (RF) [V, S]
Slides-L7-10, Video-L7-10
ch.4 (p. 146-156)
L6: Traceability, Prioritization of Reqs, Triage (RF) [Only on Video!]
Slides-L8-10, Video-L8-10 Karlsson1997
ch. 3
15/9 13:15-17:00
Jupiter317, Jupiter322 W3: !!!MANDATORY!!! Interviewing Stakeholders (RF & EB)

ch. 2, appendix A
Assignment 3 Introduction


20/9 10:30-12:15
L7: Quality Assurance, Reviews, Standards, Process Requirements (RF) [V, S]
Slides-L7-10, Video-L7-10

22/9 13:15-17:00
Jupiter317, Jupiter322 P1: !!!YOUR GROUPS TIME IS MANDATORY!!! Customer meeting #1 (Assignment 3) (EB)

--- 26/9 18:00 ---
--- DEADLINE: Book Customer Meeting #2 ---
--- --- ---
27/9 10:30-12:15
L8: Agile RE, RE Management, SCRUM for RE Management (RF) [V, S] (First slide in video erroneously says lecture 9 but that is fixed in slides in pdf!)
Slides-L9-10, Video-L9-10 Nurmulian2004
28/9 08:30-12:15
Jupiter317, Jupiter322 P2: !!!YOUR GROUPS TIME IS MANDATORY!!! Customer meeting #2 (Assignment 3) (EB)

4/10 10:30-12:15
L9: Market-driven RE, Market/Tech push/pull (RF) [S]
Slides-L10-10 Berntsson2008

6/10 13:15-17:00
Jupiter317, Jupiter322 P3: Work on your project (Assignment 3) (EB on call)

11/10 10:30-12:15
L10: Large-scale RE, Creativity in RE (RF) [V, S]
Slides-L11-10, Video-L11-10
ch. 5
13/10 14:00-15:45
Jupiter317, Jupiter322 L11: Future of RE, Summary and Extra as needed (RF) [S]
ch. 6
13/10 11:00-12:00 & 13:00-14:00
Jupiter317, Jupiter322 P4: Work on your project (Assignment 3) (EB on call)

--- 14/10 18:00 --- ---
--- DEADLINE: Assignment 3 (SRS & Post Mortem) --- --- --- ---
18/10 08:30-12:30
Chalmers Lindholmen (go to house Saga and check list to find house/room)
Written exam

Course documents and material

Examination will be based on the main course book, the papers listed in the Dates and Deadlines table above and the material presented in lectures as well as in your assignments. The supporting book is optional but will be important to study to get the higher grades. To pass the course it is extremely important that you read all the course material, participate in lectures and are active in and finish assignments. If you do not you will fail! Remember that this is a master level course and requires considerably more than most bachelor level courses.


The course is examined through two individual assignments (1-2), a group assignment (3) and a final, individual, written exam. For us to assign groups and evaluate the course you also need to do assignment 0 which just collects background information about you.


All your reports for assignments and exercises should be formatted using the IEEE Conference Proceedings format (except for the SRS in the group assignment, see its description for details):
and submitted through Fire. Assignment 1-2 is submitted individually and assignment 3 (once) from each group. Here is a short intro and install guide to Latex. And here is a movie tutorial to Latex.

Language issues

If you have problems with your english writing you cannot pass the course; there are several writing assignments. If you know that this will be a problem you must make a real effort to improve. You can find links to helpful resources on this page.

Previous written exams

Some examples of previous written exams:
NB! NO guarantees whatsoever that upcoming written exams will have similar structure or questions.


Example of an SRS (from 2010) - for examples of how functional requirements can be written see section 3.2.