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Lock-free Lockless-MiniSPLASH2 Application Benchmark

Philippas Tsigas, Yi Zhang

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Lockless-MiniSPLASH2 is a lock-free version of part of the Stanford Parallel Applications for Shared Memory. In this version most lock-based data structures used by the original SPLASH-2 were replaced by non blocking synchronisation constructs.

The SPLASH-2 suite of parallel applications has been developed to facilitate the study of centralised and distributed and shared-address-space multiprocessor systems and has been used extensively by the parallel architecture community.

We developed the Lockless-MiniSPLASH2 together with the Lockless-Spark98 Kernels in order to:

  • facilitate the understanding of the benefits of non-blocking synchronisation in realistic and simple parallel codes, expected to play a central role in many parallel applications.
  • facilitate the understanding of  using nonblocking synchronisation instead of using lock-based one when building  cache coherent shared memory multiprocessors applications.


The source code of Lockless-MiniSPLASH2 is based on the SPLASH-2 suite of parallel applications and the modified part is developed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). The source code of Lockless-MiniSPLASH2 and some related files for our experiments can be downloaded.

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Philippas Tsigas, Yi Zhang, "Integrating Non-blocking Synchronisation in Parallel Applications: Performance Advantages and Methodologies", in the Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGSOFT, SIGMETRICS Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP ´02), pages: 55-67, ACM press. (pdf file)

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