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The group is involved in research on i) Distributed and Parallel Computing and Systems, and ii) Information Visualization of Complex Systems, focusing on the following issues:

Distributed and Parallel Computing and Systems:

  • Investigate new techniques for achieving high parallelism and fault-tolerance in distributed or parallel software.
  • Efficient design of fundamental distributed and parallel data structures.
  • Evaluate the performance of non-blocking synchronization in parallel application and system software (Lockless-Spark98, Lockless-mini-SPLASH2).
  • Bridge the gap between research on interprocess synchronisation and use in application and systems software through case studies and the development of software libraries (NOBLE).
  • Multi-peer information dissemination and consistency support
  • Modelling and design of virtual objects for distributed collaborative environments

Information Visualization of Complex Systems:

  • Visualization techniques to enhance understanding of the behaviour of distributed algorithms (LYDIAN).
  • Effective visualization of of "cause and effect" relations (CausalViz).
  • Three-dimensional user interfaces (3DWM).

For more detailed information about the research work of the group please have a look at the respective research page of the group or have a look at the two posters describing our research: poster-1, poster-2.

Group Seminar

The group runs a weekly seminar series, covering papers related with our research (access is limited to people within the chalmers.se and gu.se domains).

Cooperations & Support

The group is member of:

  • ARTES: national Swedish strategic research initiative in Real-Time Systems supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)
  • MiNEMA: Middleware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications, European Network supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF).

The research of the group has also been supported by TFR and VR.

Via some of our research projects collaboration with ENEA OSE, ERICSSON, Microsoft Research, Jungle Peaks was established.

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