MDSD :: Model Driven Software Development

Study period 2, 2015/16
Course codes: DIT945/GU and TDA593/Chalmers, 7.5 hp

Given by Computer Science and Engineering at
Chalmers Technical University and Gothenburg University

Project Assignments


The project report, and the report for the individual assignment, shall be handed in at your supervision meeting in study week 7.

The source code generated from the project models shall be handed in at latest 7th January 2016 09.00. If necessary, a delta of report updates may also be handed in at this time, describing any modifications you've done to the models, as compared to your project report. The delta may be at most 3 pages.


Report Grading Description: details how the project report, and its different subsections, will be graded.

The full task and general expectations on the report are given by the project introduction and assignments. Note that grading concerns only the final report. The weekly assignments are not graded, their purpose is to pace the project work as evenly as possible over the course of the course.


In the second half of the course, we will use the UML modelling tool Papyrus. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the tool beforehand.

Code-generation from Papyrus

Here (and here in better quality), Grischa shows a short introduction to Code Generation in Papyrus using EMF.

Furthermore, the List generation screencast (Higher quality: here) describes how to generate lists of primitive datatypes, and of your own classes from Papyrus models. In Map generation (Higher quality: here), is described how to generate maps from Papyrus models.

Here are also two links that explain the resulting code structure and how to deal with it:
InformIT Generating Code
Vogella EMF(Only chapter 4 is relevant).

Group Supervision times and places, study weeks 1-7

group 1: 08.00-08.35
group 2: 08.35-09.10
group 3: 09.10-09.45
group 4: 10.00-10.35
group 5: 10.35-11.10
group 6: 11.10-11.45
room 6205
group 7: 15.15-15.50
group 8: 15.50-16.25
group 9: 16.25-17.00
room 6205
group 10: 16.15-16.50
group 11: 16.50-17.25
group 12: 17.25-18.00
group 13: 18.00-18.35
room 427
group 14: 08.00-08.35
group 15: 08.35-09.10
group 16: 09.10-09.45
group 17: 10.00-10.35
group 18: 10.35-11.10
group 19: 11.10-11.45
room 6205
group 20: 15.15-15.50
group 21: 15.50-16.25
group 22: 16.25-17.00
room 6205

Room 6205: Campus Johanneberg, EDIT building, 6th floor
Room 427: Campus Lindholmen, Jupiter building, 4th floor