MDSD :: Model-Driven Software Development

Study period 2, 2015/16
Course codes: DIT945/GU and TDA593/Chalmers, 7.5 hp

Given by Computer Science and Engineering at
Chalmers Technical University and Gothenburg University


There will be no fixed course book, but you are responsible to find reading material on the topics covered in this course. The following book does, however, cover most of the theoretical course content:

This book is good for the first part of the course. Many students from previous years will have this book. Buy it cheaply or borrow the book. The book is a good complement to the lectures. It goes deeper into some areas then the lectures, for example, into processes and GRAPS-patterns. It is a good complement for domain models, use cases, and interaction diagrams. The 3rd edition is the latest

Another book suggestion:

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