MDSD :: Model-Driven Software Development

Study period 2, 2015/16
Course codes: DIT945/GU and TDA593/Chalmers, 7.5 hp

Given by Computer Science and Engineering at
Chalmers Technical University and Gothenburg University

Teachers: Rogardt Heldal if nothing else is stated.
The topics of the lectures are preliminary!

Wk Lecture
1/45 Mon, Nov 2nd 15:15-17:00 HB2 L1 Introduction
Tue, Nov 3rd 13:15-15:00 HC4 L1 Introduction, rerun for those who cannot attend the lecture on Monday
Thu, Nov 5th 13:15-15:00 HB4 L2 Domain Models
2/46 Tue, Nov 10th 13:15-15:00 HA1 L3 Use cases
Fri, Nov 13th 13:15-15:00 HB1 L4 Activity Diagrams, Contracts
3/47 Tue, Nov 17th 13:15-15:00 HA1 L5 Class Diagrams
Component Diagrams
Thu, Nov 19th 13:15-15:00 HB4 L6 (screencast) Grischa Liebel: Papyrus I
Assessment Excercise I
4/48 Tue, Nov 24th 13:15-15:00 HA1 Screencast part A and part B
Grischa Liebel: Papyrus II
Magnus Ågren: Sequence Diagrams I
Thu, Nov 26th 13:15-15:00 HB4 L8 Magnus Ågren: Sequence Diagrams II
Assessment Excercise II
5/49 Tue, Dec 1st 13:15-15:00 HA1 L9 Anthony Anjorin: State Machines
Thu, Dec 3rd 13:15-15:00 HB4 No lecture
6/50 Tue, Dec 8th 13:15-15:00 HA1 L11 Thorsten Berger: Domain-Specific (Modelling) Languages
Thu, Dec 10th 13:15-15:00 HB4 L12 OCL
Assessment Excercise III
7/51 Tue, Dec 15th 13:15-15:00 HA1 L13 Guest Lecture: Jonn Lantz, Volvo Cars
Thu, Dec 17th 13:15-15:00 HB4 L14 Conclusion