1. Setup
  2. Trainspotting
  3. A-mazed
  4. CCHAT

Lab 0:


Lab description

This is a preliminary task whose purpose is to ensure you’re fully prepared by the time you start on the first assignment. First of all, you must form pairs and register in Fire. Only in exceptional cirumstances are students permitted to submit alone; if you are having trouble finding a lab partner please contact one of the teaching assistants. Once you’ve formed a group, install Java and Erlang according to the instructions found on the Computing resources page. Test that your installation works by running a simple hello world program for Erlang and a minimal Java program which spawns a thread that prints Hello World. Finally, follow the instructions to set up lab 1 until the point you see a moving train on the screen.

See the computing resources page for further instructions.



Submit the Java program to Fire. Note that no Zoom demo is required for this assignment; the submission to Fire is considered sufficient demonstration that the assignment is complete.