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Teaching and Supervision


My research group at Chalmers (March 2018). From left to right: Alirad Malek, me, Prajith Ramakrishnan Geethakumari, Stefano Ribes, Albin Eldstål-Ahrens, Stavros Tzilis, Ahsen Ejaz, and Evangelos Vasilakis

Current courses:

Past courses:

    • DAT276 Energy Aware Computing (MSc), Chalmers, (taught with several other faculty members) 2012-2014
    • EDA321 Digital Design (BSc), 2011-2012 (with Arne Linde)
    • DAT275 Energy Aware Computing (MSc), 2011-2012 (with David Whalley and other faculty members at Chalmers)
    • ET4272 System Design with HDL (MSc), TU Delft, 2010-2011. (developed and taught).
    • ET4370 Reconfigurable Computing Design (MSc), TU Delft, 2009-2011. (co-developed and taught with G. Kuzmanov and G. Gaydadjiev).
    • ET2608 Computer Organization (BSc), TU Delft, 2009-2010. (course leader G. Gaydadjiev, I taught a few lectures).

Current Students


Past Students:

at Chalmers:

    • Ahsen Ejaz, (main supervisor), since May 2014 - May 2021, Licentiate Sept. 2018, PhD May 2021.
    • Evangelos Vasilakis, (main supervisor), May 2015 - June 2020, Licentiate May 2019, PhD June 2020. First job after Chalmers: Zeropoint Technologies AB (System Architect).
    • Stavros Tzilis, (main supervisor), Oct. 2011- Mar. 2019, Licentiate Apr. 2015, PhD Mar. 2019. First job after Chalmers: Ericsson (System Developer).
    • Alirad Malek, (main supervisor) Oct 2011 - Dec. 2017, Licentiate Apr. 2015, PhD Dec. 2017. First job after Chalmers: Qamcom Research and Technology(Senior system developer).
    • Robert Seepers, Oct 2011 - Dec. 2016 (co-supervisor, with C. Strydis, Erasmus MC), Phd Dec. 2016. First job after Erasmus: TNO (Cyber-security innovator).
Licentiate Degree:
Msc and BSc:
    • Niclas Jacobsson, MSc thesis (examiner), 2012.
    • Robin Andersson, MSc thesis (examiner), 2012.
    • Danish Anis Khan, MSc thesis (supervisor, examiner), 2013.
    • R. Anderen, M. Rahm, O. Salberger, J. Strandberg, B. Svedung, J. Wardh, BSc thesis (co-supervisor), 2013.
    • Reza Zakernejad, MSc thesis (main supervisor), 2014.
    • Roozbeh Soleimanifard, MSc thesis (main supervisor), 2014.
    • Gongpei Cui, MSc student (examiner), 2015.

at TU Delft:

    • Joao Bispo, Dipl. thesis, (main supervisor) visiting from U. of Algarve, Portugal, 2006.
    • Angelos Arelakis, MSc thesis, 2008 (main supervisor).
    • Ruben de Smet, MSc thesis, 2009 (main supervisor).
    • Georgios Stefanakis, MSc thesis, 2009 (main supervisor).
    • Stavros Tzilis, MSc thesis, 2010 (main supervisor).
    • Sri Harsha Katamaneni, MSc thesis, 2010 (main supervisor).
    • Alex Abi Khaled, MSc thesis, 2010 (second supervisor).
    • Anthony Brandon, MSc thesis, 2010 (second supervisor).
    • Dimitris Siskos, MSc thesis, 2010 (main supervisor).
    • Vasilis Vasilikos, MSc thesis, 2011 (main supervisor).
    • Charalampos Mastrogeorgopoulos, MSc thesis, 2011 (main supervisor).
    • Surya Narayanan, MSc thesis, 2011 (main supervisor).
    • Dion van Adrichem, MSc thesis, 2011 (main supervisor).
    • Venkat Viswanathan, MSc thesis, 2011 (main supervisor).
    • Abhijit Nandy, MSc thesis, 2011 (main supervisor).
    • Giorgos Smaragdos, MSc thesis, 2012 (main supervisor).
    • D. Mastogiannopoulos, MSc thesis, 2012 (main supervisor).

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