Magnus Myreen

Magnus Myreen (

Professor (in Swedish: bitr. prof.), CS, CSE, Chalmers (room 6478)


Reserach grants

  • Constrution of Verified Software Systems from the Swedish Research Concil (Projektbidrag för unga forskare), 2014-2018. Applicant, in my name only. Worth 3,840,000 SEK. Held at Chalmers.
  • Systems Verification — The Last Mile, a UK Royal Society University Research Fellowship, 2012-2018. Applicant, in my name only. One of 36 fellowships awarded across all sciences for all UK universities (two to computer scientists). Worth 470,000 GBP. Currently on hold.
  • Assessing Practical Formal Verification of Object Code (contract DRISQ-0012013) carried out at the University of Cambridge (sub-contract DSTLX-1000079634), Ministry of Defence (MoD), UK. 53,000 GBP grant for 5 months, 2012. Co-applicant. I helped write the application. This work features in a video on the front page of D-RisQ Limited's webpage, direct link to video.
  • Trustworthy Programming for Multiple Instruction Sets (details) from EPSRC, UK. Worth 420,000 GBP for 3.5 years, 2008-2012. I was co-applicant (co-investigator). I wrote the application with the help of my PhD supervisor.

Awards and scholarships