Gerardo Schneider's Publications: Other Contributions

[1] Hallstein A. Hansen and Gerardo Schneider. On the reachability analysis of planar, non-linear autonomous systems using hybrid systems. NWPT'09, Lyngby, Denmark, October 2009. Extended Abstract. [ bib | .pdf ]
[2] Stephen Fenech, Gordon J. Pace, and Gerardo Schneider. Conflict Analysis of Deontic Contracts. NWPT'08, Tallinn, Estonia, November 19-21 2008. Extended Abstract. [ bib | .pdf ]
[3] Cristian Prisacariu and Gerardo Schneider. Towards model checking contracts. NWPT'07/FLACOS'07 Workshop Proceedings, Oslo, Norway, October 9-10 2007. Extended Abstract. [ bib | .pdf ]
[4] Gordon Pace and Gerardo Schneider. Improving polygonal hybrid systems reachability analysis through the use of the phase portrait. CSAW'06, Malta, 2006. [ bib | .pdf ]
[5] Gerardo Schneider. Memory usage estimation for java cards. NWPT'2004, Uppsala, Sweden, October 06-08 2004. Extended Abstract. [ bib | .ps.gz ]
[6] Pablo Giambiagi, Gerardo Schneider, and Frank D. Valencia. A note on scope and infinite behaviour in CCS-like calculi. NWPT'2003, Turku, Finland, October 29-31 2003. Extended Abstract. [ bib | .ps.gz ]
[7] Gerardo Schneider. Computing invariance kernels of polygonal hybrid systems. NWPT'2003, Turku, Finland, October 29-31 2003. Extended Abstract. [ bib | .ps.gz ]
[8] Gerardo Schneider and Antônio C. da Rocha Costa. Coherence space as event structure and concrete data structure. XXIV SEMISH, Brasilia, Brazil, August 1997. [ bib ]
[9] Gerardo Schneider and Rafael Accorsi. Introduction to linear logic. Primeiro Workshop sobre Métodos Formais e Qualidade de Software, Porto alegre, Brazil, July 1996. (In Portuguese). [ bib ]
[10] Gerardo Schneider and Antônio C. da Rocha Costa. Sequential and parallel computation strategies on coherence spaces. CLEI'96, Bogotá, Colombia, June 1996. [ bib ]
[11] Gerardo Schneider and Laira V. Toscani. Fixed point theory in computer science. Anais do CNMAC, Curitiba, Brazil, August 1995. (Extended abstract, in Portuguese). [ bib ]

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