Project Publications Team

Browser compatibility

We intend the pages on this site to render well in mainstream browsers while using a minimum amount of network and browser resources. Therefore, we stay within the confines of HTML; we use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define the presentation style; and we use no cookies.

The site has been tested with the following browsers:

  • Safari 1.2.1 and 4.05
  • Chrome 5.0.342.9 beta
  • Firefox 3.6.3
  • Mozilla 1.6
  • Internet Explorer 6.0

Minor differences in appearance may occur due to browser idiosyncracies.

Mailto: URLs

We don't use mailto: URLs on this site (we try to avoid extra spam). If you wish to communicate with us via email, the effort of typing in the address is likely insignificant compared with that of typing in the message :-)