There are three labs and one written hand-in:

You should work on the labs in pairs. If you have a good reason for needing to work alone, please get in touch with one of the course assistants.

All labs will be submitted through Fire. If you have not used Fire before, you might want to read the separate page on how to use the Fire system.


Each lab has both a first and a final deadline. By the first deadline, you must have made good progress towards solving the lab, but you do not need to be finished. By the final deadline, your solution must be complete and working. We aim to grade your first submission within three working days. You should do as much of the lab as possible before the first deadline, so that we have a better chance of spotting mistakes in your submission before the final deadline.

The number of resubmissions you require does not affect your grade in the course (provided that you pass all the labs in the end).


The lab is part of the examination of the course, and if you copy someone else’s code, Chalmers treats it as seriously as cheating on an exam! In the past, students who copied labs have been suspended from their studies. Both the person who copies the lab, and the person whose lab is copied, can be suspended. In short: don’t cheat on the labs! We encourage you to discuss ideas with each other, but the code you submit must be written by your group only.

Lab sessions

There will be lab sessions where you can come and get help with the labs. Attending the lab sessions is not compulsory: you can come to as many or as few as you want. Many students choose to come to one lab session per week. If the lab rooms are full, priority will be given to students who have questions.

For requesting help at the lab sessions, we use an electronic queue called Waglys. You can find it here. You fill in your name and what room you’re in, and a lab assistant will come to you as soon as possible.

The lab sessions will be held at the following times (you can find directions to the rooms here):

  • Tuesdays 13-15, rooms 3358 and 3582.

  • Tuesdays 15-17, rooms 3358 and 3582.

  • Thursdays 15-17, usually in rooms 3358 and 3582. Exceptions: in weeks 45 (the first week of the course!) and 48 (29th November), this session will be in rooms 3358 and 2480.