DAT037 replaced by DAT038!

The course DAT037 is no longer running. It has been replaced with DAT038, whose homepage you can find on Canvas. If you have not yet passed DAT037 (e.g. you need to take a re-exam), you should read the information here.

Old news

26 Aug

Thursday’s exam is now up, together with answers.

03 Feb

The exam results are now reported in Ladok! You can pick up your exam and cheatsheet from the student office on floor 4 of the EDIT building. Warning: once you have taken your exam from the student office, it is not possible to change the grade! So, if you are unhappy with how your exam was marked, leave the exam in the student office and get in touch with me as soon as possible.

16 Jan

Yesterday’s exam is now up, along with answers!

30 Dec

I’ve now translated some of the old exam questions to English! Find them here.

19 Dec

The route finding lab description now has a few more hints about programming, debugging and calculating the complexity.

18 Dec

Just to clarify: although there are no more lectures, there will be an exercise and lab session on Thursday as usual.

12 Dec

Just a note that, although TimeEdit shows a lecture next Wednesday, that slot will not be used. The final lecture will be on Monday.

28 Nov

Due to sickness, tomorrow’s exercise session is cancelled. The material will instead be covered in Monday’s exercise session.

27 Nov

Lab 3 is now uploaded!

19 Nov

In the lecture today I forgot to explain why, when inserting into a binary heap, the "swap with parent" step can’t cause the invariant to break for other nodes. I’ve added an extra slide to the lecture notes which explains this. (But try to think about it yourself first!)

18 Nov

As the exercise sessions are not very full, we will be reducing the number of exercise rooms from two to one. The Monday exercises will be in room EC and the Thursday exercises will be in ML1.

09 Nov

Lab 2 is now uploaded!

08 Nov

Nachi has written solutions for the first week’s exercises, as well as some slides. More solutions will appear each week; you will find them linked under the exercises page.

06 Nov

There is now an updated version of Test.java and Benchmark.java for lab 1, which fixes some deprecation warnings. Thanks to Lukas Skystedt for the fix.

05 Nov

We now have course representatives! See below for details.

03 Nov

If you’re unsure where some of the lab or exercise rooms are, you can now find some (very bad) directions here!

31 Oct

The first lecture will be Monday the 5th of November at 8am, room HC4 (Hörsalsvägen). See you there!

31 Oct

Please sign up to the official Slack! See below for details.

04 Oct

Hello! This is just a preliminary version of the website. More will be uploaded shortly.

Course organisation

To pass the course, you must pass a written exam as well as the labs. To help you learn the course material, there are optional exercises for you to do. The course has lectures twice a week, as well as exercise and lab sessions where you can come and get help from the course assistants.

We have set up a discussion forum for the course using Slack. Please join it! You can sign up here and log in here. It has rooms for discussing the labs and exercises, finding lab partners, and so on. All the teaching team are on it. If you have a question about the course, the Slack is normally the best place to ask.

We have a textbook, which you can read about here. It is not essential to own the textbook but you may want to consider it. On that page you can also find other useful websites, documents and books.


Nick Smallbone <nicsma@chalmers.se>
Note: For questions about the labs or exercises, please try contacting one of the course assistants first.

Course assistants

Nachiappan Valliappan <nacval@chalmers.se>
Adi Hrustic <hrustic@student.chalmers.se>
Karin Wibergh <karin.wibergh@gmail.com>
Oskar Lyrstrand <guslyros@student.gu.se>
Daniel Willim <willim@student.chalmers.se>
Robin Lilius-Lundmark <robin.lilius@gmail.com>

Student representatives

Adam Oliv (TKDAT) <adamoli@student.chalmers.se>
Hugo Simonsson (TKDAT) <hugosi@student.chalmers.se>
David Hedgren (TKDAT) <davhedg@student.chalmers.se>
Hugo Ölund (TKTEM) <ohugo@student.chalmers.se>