Testing, Debugging, and Verification TDA567/DIT082, LP2, HT2015

Why you should take this course?

This course is an eligible (not compulsory) course in most programmes. Here are some good reasons why you should take this course!

  • Relevant and useful content.
    This is the only course offered at Chalmers/GU that teaches you systematically about a wide range of software validation methods from testing via debugging to formal verification. Validating software in one form or the other is likely to be one of the things you will spend a lot of time with in your professional life!
  • The teaching concept.
    The course is divided into five teaching units (testing, debugging, formal specification, formal verification, invariant generation) that build on each other. We stress the strong connections among all of these techniques. Most importantly, in each section of the course you will learn how to use a state-of-art tool that helps you to automate the tedious tasks.
  • Planning ahead.
    There is a follow-up to this course called Software Engineering using Formal Methods where you learn how to formally specify and verify realistic software. Testing, Debugging, and Verification is a perfect preparation for that course.

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