Testing, Debugging, and Verification TDA567/DIT082, LP2, HT2015

Exam Notes

The exam for this course took place at 14-18, 09 January 2017. Check its solution..

Exam Contents

You are supposed to have a good understanding of the contents of the lectures, the exercises and the labs. The Lecture Notes describe the contents of each lecture.

The principle we apply in designing the exam questions is that if you have done and understood all exercises as well as the lab assignments, then you should be able to pass the exam.

Exam Aids

You are not allowed any aids besides a dictionary. The problems emphasize understanding of the concepts rather than memorizing. Minor syntax errors in Dafny/Java code will not be punished. If in doubt, use extra brackets to clarify association. In your proofs, clarity is important. Always state which rule has been applied.

Trial Exam

Here, you find a trial exam with the solution. The trial exams are meant to support you in practising for the exam. Note that the real exam is in no way limited to the kind of questions nor to the topics covered by the trial exams. In general, all content of the lectures, exercises, and hand-in assignments is relevant for the exam. Note that in these previous exams, the course covered automated test case generation instead of loop invarinant generation. However, the questions will be similar in difficulty.

Exam Review

When the results appear in Ladok, you will be able to review your exam from the CSE Student Office.

Please rest asured that all exams have been carefully marked and reviewed, in particular those with scores close to the border between grades.
If you decide you want to query the grading of your exam submission, then do not remove your exam submission from the student office. To do so, you must fill in this form by 2015-05-15 so we know which exams/problems to look at.

For us to consider your grading query, the query needs to be concrete and well justified. For instance, the following are not valid queries.

  • "The grade I got is too low"
  • "I need three more marks to pass/get a 5"
  • "My solution is correct, but I did not get a full score."
  • Instead, your query should be along the following lines:

  • "The feedback indicates an omitted pre-condition in a specification, yet this case is in fact covered by the use of a predicate [specify how]"
  • "My solution follows the same idea and is of the same level of detail as the one given in the sample solution [summarise your approach]. However it is not clear to me how my deviation from the sample solution justifies a non-full grade"
  • Submit your detailed query using the above form by 2015-05-15. If your query is valid, then you will receive, by e-mail, a time and place where we are available to discuss the matter with you. If you have not received an e-mail from us by 2015-05-20 at 23:59, then your query is invalid.

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