Testing, Debugging, and Verification TDA567/DIT082, LP2, HT2015


JML papers

JML specifications of standard Java classes/interfaces

Because application programs use standard libraries, the specification of applications also depends on library specifications.
Check out the JML specifications for the JDK library classes and interfaces.

KeY Test Generation

Here is the JNLP file for Java Webstart. Simply say javaws http://www.key-project.org/download/testingTDV/KeYTest.jnlp. See also the slides of Week 6 (ATCG Part 2).

KeY-Hoare System

Can be downloaded here. A paper explaining the system including a brief reference manual is here.

Resources for logical reasoning

You can test your knowledge about logical reasoning on-line here and here. Mathworld is often a good place for looking up mathematical terminology like antisymmetric, transitive, irreflexive.

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