We will try to have the lecture notes available on-line before the lecture so you can bring them to the lecture to do notes and (in case of errors) corrections. However, we are in the process of changing the course to extend the contents based on the Erlang programming language, so it might not happen that you get them ready to read before the lecture. For impatient students, you could check last year's web page (do not read the contents related to the programming language JR).

All the Erlang's material for the lectures is here

1. Introduction to the course.

2. The shared update problem.

3. Dining philosophers and producer-consumers.

4. Monitors

5. Monitors. (continue)

6. Introduction to Erlang

7. Client server arquitecture

8. Generic server, programming patterns revisited.

9. Parallelism, Workers, and Introduction to Software Transactional Memories

10. Software Transactional Memories, Linda Concurrency Model

11. Guest lecture: Cons Åhs, Klarna AB

12. Guest lecture: Niklas Gustavsson, Spotify