-- A compiler

{-# OPTIONS --without-K #-}

module Lambda.Simplified.Compiler where

open import Equality.Propositional
open import Interval using (⟨ext⟩)
open import Prelude

open import Lambda.Simplified.Syntax
open import Lambda.Simplified.Virtual-machine

  module C = Closure Code
  module T = Closure Tm

-- The compiler (which takes a code continuation).

comp :  {n}  Tm n  Code n  Code n
comp (var x)   c = var x  c
comp (ƛ t)     c = clo (comp t (ret  []))  c
comp (t₁ · t₂) c = comp t₁ (comp t₂ (app  c))

-- Environments and values can also be compiled.


  comp-env :  {n}  T.Env n  C.Env n
  comp-env ρ n = comp-val (ρ n)

  comp-val : T.Value  C.Value
  comp-val (T.ƛ t ρ) = C.ƛ (comp t (ret  [])) (comp-env ρ)

-- Compilation takes empty environments to empty environments.

comp-empty : comp-env empty  empty
comp-empty = ⟨ext⟩  ())

-- Compilation commutes with snoc.

comp-snoc :  {n} {ρ : T.Env n} {v} 
            comp-env (snoc ρ v)  snoc (comp-env ρ) (comp-val v)
comp-snoc = ⟨ext⟩ [  _  refl) ,  _  refl) ]