About Me:

Hi! =)

My name is Elena Pagnin, I am a PhD Student at the department of Computer Science in Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg - Sweden). The topic of my PhD is data authentication. I started my PhD in May 2014 (5 years position) under the supervision of Dario Fiore and Katerina Mitrokotsa. In August 2016 I received the licentiate degree (a Scandinavian title in-between the MSc and the PhD) with a thesis on Authentication under Constraints. I am part of the Chalmers' research group on security, with Carlo Brunetta (PhD) and Bei Liang (Post Doc). I regularly visit Dario Fiore at IMDEA Software Institute (Madrid) to work on cryptographic primitives (mostly signatures) in a more theoretical perspective compared to what I do at Chalmers.
My research interests are in multi-key approaches to digital signatures, verifiable delegation of computation techniques and homomorphic properties in cryptographic primitives. During my PhD, I worked on privacy-preserving biometric authentication protocols [,], distance-bounding protocols [] and multi-key homomorphic authenticators [].
In summer 2015, I took part to the JSPS summer program and visited Professor Keisuke Tanaka at Tokyo Institute of Technology. In the last study period of 2016, I have been lecturer and course responsable for the cryptography course at Chalmers (master level for Computer Science and Mathematics).

You can find a detailed pdf-version of my CV here.

Important achievements

2017: Research Visit at IMDEA Software Institute Madrid to collaborate with Dario Fiore thanks to grant from the COST Action IC1306.
2016: Course Responsable (Lecturer) for the Cryptography Course at Chalmers.
2016: Paper on multi-key homomorphic authenticators accepted at AsiaCrypt in collaboration with D. Fiore, L. Nizzardo and K. Mitrokotsa.
2016: Research Visit at ETH Zurich to collaborate with Prof. A. Perrig and K. Mitrokotsa thanks to grant from the COST Action IC1306.
2015: Research Visit at IMDEA Software Institute Madrid to collaborate with Dario Fiore thanks to grant from the COST Action IC1306.
2015: (May-September) JSPS summer program, hosting supervisor Professor Keisuke Tanaka at Tōkyō Kōgyō Daigaku, 東京工業大学 (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
2014: Received the “Premio di merito” (award for merits) given by the University of Trento to the students who have achieved stellar results in their studies.
2013: Master Degree in Applied Mathematics (Coding Theory, Cryptography and Computational Algebra) at the University of Trento. Thesis title: Homomorphic Authentication Codes, grade 110 cum Laude/110.
2012-2013: Semester at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) working as Project Officer under the supervision of Professor Frédérique Oggier. My Master thesis is based on the results I obtained during this period.
2011: Bachelor Degree in Theatrical Mathematics (Univeristy of Padova), thesis title: Maps and Projections, a teaching experience, grade: 102/110.
2009: Highschool Diploma in Languages (Italian, English, German, Spanish), final grade: 100/100.