Bioinformatics (2016/2017)

Bioinformatics (2016/2017)


2017-03-28 The exam papers have been marked and you should get your results soon. If you want to see or collect your exam paper, the papers are available at the Computer Science and Engineering Student Office, on level 4 of the EDIT building. Plese contact Graham Kemp if your have any questions about the grading of your paper.
2017-03-13 Solutions to some of the questions in today's exam are online.

General Information


Grades will be determined by a written exam at the end of the course (08:30, 13 March 2017). But in order to pass the course you must also submit solutions to specified exercises: one small programming task will be set each week.

There is an on-line list of students who have completed the practical work (local access).


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