Parallel Functional ProgrammingDAT280 / DIT261, LP4 2016
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Parallel Functional ProgrammingDAT280 / DIT261, LP4 2016
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Week 9
Monday, May 16 (13-15 in EB)
Lecture: "Data Parallel Programming"
  • Slides: slides.pdf
  • Thursday, May 19 (10-12 in EC)
    Guest Lecture: "General Purpose Computations on GPUs (Bo Joel Svensson, Chalmers)"
  • Slides: slides.pdf
  • Friday, May 20 (15-17 in EC)
    Lecture: "Data Parallel Programming II"
  • Slides: slides.pdf

  • Week 10(last week)
    Monday, May 23 (13-15 in EB)
    Lecture: "Databases in the New World"
  • Slides: slides.pdf
  • Thursday, May 26 (10-12 in EC)
    Lecture: "A Brief History of Time (in Riak) (Russell Brown, Basho)"
  • Slides: slides.pdf
  • Saturday, May 28 (08.30-12.30 in J-salar)
    Exam: Please read more about the final written exam here

    Thursday, Jun 2
    52 people sat the exam on 28 May, even though it was at 8.30 on a saturday morning. Note that we are setting June 13 as the Very Final Deadline for all labs. Please submit labs earlier than this if at all possible.

    If you enjoyed this course, you might want to consider applying to attend the Programming Language Mentoring Workshop (PLMW) which is happening together with ICFP on Sep. 18 in Nara, Japan. I checked with Robbie Findler and he said that masters students like you are definitely the right audience for the workshop... Here are some details:

    SIGPLAN Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop @ ICFP Nara, Japan (co-located with ICFP 2016) Sunday, September 18th, 2016

    PLMW information

    We are pleased to invite students interested in functional programming research to the programming languages mentoring workshop at ICFP. The goal of this workshop is to introduce senior undergraduate and early graduate students to research topics in functional programming as well as provide career mentoring advice. We have recruited leaders from the functional programming community to provide overviews of current research topics and give students valuable advice about how to thrive in graduate school, search for a job, and cultivate habits and skills that will help them in research careers.

    This workshop is part of the activities surrounding ICFP, the International Conference on Functional Programming, and takes place the day before the main conference. One goal of the workshop is to make the ICFP conference more accessible to newcomers and we hope participants will stay through the entire conference.

    Through the generous donation of our sponsors, we are able to provide travel scholarships to fund student participation. These travel scholarships will cover reasonable travel expenses (airfare and hotel) for attendance at both the workshop and the main three days of the ICFP conference.

    Friday, May 20
    A GPU-instance on EC2 is now set up with CUDA and Obsidian. If you want to use it, send your preferred login name and your public SSH key to Markus (mararon at and he will send you instructions for how to use the instance. By using the instance, we consider that you have promised to use the machine only for doing the lab, and not for anything illicit. If the instance starts to consume money in unexpected ways, or otherwise behaves worryingly, we will have to shut it down. Markus will also send instructions for how to set up your own GPU-instance (costing 0.65 dollars per hour) in a personal AWS account. If you need help in creating an SSH public key, consult these instructions.

    Thursday, May 19
    Lab E (GPU programming) is now available on the Labs page. Note that we have decided to make this lab optional, partly because quite a lot of earlier labs are still unfinished (and in some cases unmarked). We are quite sad about this choice, and would advise you to do and submit the lab if you possibly can. GPU programming is fun and addictive, and gives experience of programming a strange, very parallel architecture. So doing the lab and/or playing with Accelerate would be a good idea. More info. about GPU-instances in Amazon EC2 will follow, but we thought you would want to know of this change right away.

    upcoming dates

    Thursday, Jun 2, at 23:59
    Final deadline Lab E