Written re-exam

There will be an extraordinary exam on August 24th morning slot (8:30 - 12:30)!

  • The structure of the re-exam will be the same as the January 2017 exam (with the 4 main topics and 100 + 8 bonus points).
  • Some questions will be inspired to subjects given in the first 2 exams, others will include material that has not been covered by those exams (and has been explained in class).
  • Questions will cover topics explained during this year’s course (Fall 2016), including definitions, proofs and practical calculations.
  • Take away: try to understand the solutions of the last 2 exams, re-do the weekly exercises and go though the course slides again.
  • Solving the weekly exercises and studying what was presented during the lectures should give you a good preparation for passing the exam.
  • We encourage you to solve the exam in plaintext english, in any case, clear drawings / diagrams are also welcome (especially for describing security games, cryptographic protocols or simple ciphers modes of operation)
  • Good luck! :)

Exam's Rule:

  • The exam is closed-book, i.e., you are not allowed to bring the book to the exam.
  • Carlo will visit the exam once to answer questions; around 10.30.
  • Your answers in the exam must be written in English. Your language skills will not be graded (but of course we cannot grade your answer if we do not understand it).
  • The exam will be constructed with the intention that a calculator should not be needed. It is quite possible that the exam questions involve some arithmetic calculation and some of you may prefer a calculator for those tasks. Therefore, we permit calculators but not smartphones.
    Details are given on the exam paper.
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