Text book

The text books for the course are:

  • Introduction to Modern Cryptography - Katz and Lindell - ISBN: 978-1584885511
  • Stallings: Cryptography and Network Security, 5th ed., ISBN 0-13-705632-x
The books are available at Cremona and also from several web bookstores.

Additional useful texts

  • The course has used material from Cryptography I (Dan Boneh) - Stanford here.
  • Trappe-Washington: Introduction to Cryptography, 2nd ed., Pearson 2006. This was the course text book for several years. It is as useful as Stallings' book; our main reason for change was to enable a common course book with the course in Network Security.
  • Handbook of Applied Cryptography. CRC Press 2001, 816 pages. Also available for downloading chapter-wise from the book website. Read the copyright notice!
  • Mihir Bellare and Phil Rogaway: Introduction to Modern Cryptography, unpublished lecture notes.

The Handbook is not a textbook, but rather an encyclopedic reference. All concepts discussed in the course can be found here, but it is not always easy reading.

Bellare and Rogaway focus on a variant of provable security as developed by the authors. Excellent discussion, careful definitions and detailed proofs. Very rewarding for a mathematically mature reader, but not completely congruent with course contents.