Gerardo Schneider's Publications

A complete list of my publications (including some old internal reports) may be seen here. A list of my publications classified by categories may be found below.


Journal Papers
Peer-Reviewed Papers in International Conferences and Workshop Proceedings

Edited Books/Proceedings
Dissemination Articles

Technical Reports
Other Contributions

NOTE: Till 2013 authors are listed alphabetically in almost all my publications, following the French tradition in formal methods, not reflecting the contribution of each author. Due to different publication policies by some of my co-authors the exception to the above are the following 3 papers: the 2013 IEEE TSE journal paper by G. Díaz et al., and the FLACOS'11 and IEEE SCC'10 papers by E. Martínez et al. From 2014, due to a change of publication policies, papers are not necessary in alphabetic order. A co-author contribution statement may be provided upon request.

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