Web fundamentals

This course is about the fundamental technologies and principles of the web. Technologies include the TCP/IP stack, HTTP, HTML/CSS and PHP. Principles include the structure of the web, small-world networks, web search, communities and advertising.


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Assessment is continuous, via 3-4 exercises, each taking 15-30 minutes in each lecture, as well as participation in the QA platform. If you are unable to attend a lecture, you are advised to inform me in advance. If you have missed a session, use the QA platform to answer the main quizzes.

Questions and office hours

First, enroll in the Piazza platform for online questions and answers. Questions can be answered by students, as well as me. If there are still unresolved problems, I am normally available every Tuesday morning 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00 for questions at building 3C. On Wednesday afternoons I am only available by appointment.

Lecture schedule


If you have any questions about the assignments, use the QA platform

Reference material

My own course slides etc are available here

A book about networks. Some examples will be used in the course.

Michael Kearns's course about networks, the social web etc.

The web standards organisation, with through explanations of HTML standards

Course outcomes