Publications by Aarne Ranta

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A. Ranta. Implementing Programming Languages. An Introduction to Compilers and Interpreters, with an appendix coauthored by Markus Forsberg, College Publications, London, 2012. Book web page

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A. Ranta. Type Theoretical Grammar, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1994. Google Books

Articles in refereed journals

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Articles in refereed collections and conferences

A. Ranta. Example-Based Grammar Writing. In S. Larsson and L. Borin (eds), From Quantification to Conversation. Festschrift for Robin Cooper on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday. College Publications, London, 2012.

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Other publications

A. Ranta. How predictable is Finnish morphology? An experiment on lexicon construction. In J. Nivre, M. Dahllöf and B. Megyesi (eds), Resourceful Language Technology: Festschrift in Honor of Anna Sågvall Hein, University of Uppsala, 2008.

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K. Johannisson and A.Ranta, Formal Verification of Multilingual Instructions. Proceedings of the Joint Winter Meeting 2001. Departments of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University.

A. Ranta. Studies in constructive semantics, PhD Thesis. Publications of the Department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki, No 1/1990, 1990.


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B. Bringert, J. Broberg, P. Callaghan, M. Forsberg, P. Gammie, P. Jansson, K. Johannisson, A.-J. Kaijanaho, U. Norell, M. Pellauer, and A. Ranta The BNF Converter, Version 2.3. Available on the BNF Converter home page 2002-2007.

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A. Ranta. PESCA - A Proof Editor for Sequent Calculus. Code and documentation. Available on the PESCA home page, 1999.

A. Ranta. Natural language interface to Xerox Finite State Tool. Haskell Code. Property of Xerox Corporation. Documented in publication (Ranta 1998).