Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems - EDA422 / DIT172

  7.5 hec, Quarter 4, 2017/18

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Course elements

Aim and context

Real-time systems play a vital role in many application domains including drive-by-wire automotive systems, intelligent traffic control systems, banking systems, and autonomous robots. For many real-time applications, the system must be designed with multiple processors in order to meet imposed application constraints. Such situations can occur when tasks need to be physically distributed (as in a fault-tolerant vehicle braking system) or when the inherent parallelism of the application need to be fully exploited (as in a high-performance multimedia application).

After the course the students shall be able to:

This course is intended to give a deeper understanding of the problems involved in designing real-time systems based on multiprocessor architectures, and covers the following topics:


The course requires a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering or equivalent. Preparatory courses in real-time systems, algorithms, operating systems and computer architecture are desired but not required.

Important Dates

Mon Mar 19 First lecture, 13.15 - 15.00 in ES52
Fri Apr 20 : Homework assignment #1 handed out
Mon May 7 : Deadline, Homework assignment #1
Tue May 8 : Homework assignment #2 handed out
Thu May 24 : Deadline, Homework assignment #2


The course is organized as a series of lectures where fundamental theories and concepts are presented. Lectures are are offered on the following time and study weeks:

Mon   13.15 - 15.00   ES52   (week 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8)
Thu   10.00 - 11.45   ES52   (week 1, 4, 5, 6)
Fri   15.15 - 17.00   ES52   (week 1, 4, 5, 9)

As a complement to the lectures, there will be a homework assignment on the specific topics covered during the scheduled lectures. As an aid for the students for their homework, consultation sessions will be offered. The consultation sessions offer assistance regarding questions and problems related to the homework assignment (or other related issues). The intention is for the student to attempt to solve the problems and then go to the consultation session in case help is needed. Consultation sessions are offered on the following time and study weeks:

Mon   13.15 - 15.00   ES52   (week 9)
Thu   08.00 - 09.45   ES52   (week 7)
Thu   10.00 - 11.45   ES52   (week 9, 10)
Fri     15.15 - 17.00   ES52   (week 6, 7)

Preliminary schedule: Please check the schedule  for up to date timing informtaion, which may be different from TimeEdit.

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Course literature

Selected research publications from journals and conference proceedings (downloadable here.)

Course Evaluation

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