Exam results are available in LADOK.
Exam review will take place on 15 April. More details on the exam page.
Exam with answers has been published.
The lecture tomorrow (9 March) is called off. Instead there will be a general Q/A session.
Sample exam has been published.
Lab 4 PM has been published.
Deadline for the first submission of Lab 3 has been extended to 1 March. Deadline for Lab 4 is now 7 March.
Lab 3 PM has been published
Submission for lab 2 is open
As a reminder, demo sessions for lab 1 are mandatory to pass the course. Sign up for the Google group to register for them (info here).
Lab 2 PM has been published
Guest lectures on 15 and 29 February announced
Signing up for demo sessions for lab 1 is now open. Please register until 29 January.
Lab 1 PM has been published
Submission system is now open, please register
Welcome to the course!

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