Homework Assignments

General Information

Two compulsory homework assignments are included in the course. The homework assignments can be handed in by individuals or as a group of no more than 2 (two) students. The homework assignments are graded according the grade scale: U, 3, 4, 5. For an assignment to pass, the group member should (a) submit solutions of good enough quality in a written report and (b) orally present, and argue for, their choice of solutions in a meeting with the examiner.

The homework assignments consist of a combination of problem solving and paper reading. The two assignments are handed out (via the Downloads section below) on two specific dates and must be handed in within 18 days from the date when the assignment was handed out.  The assignment solution must be must be written in English, be computer generated (no handwritten solutions) and contain a separate front page which states the group number, and for each member of the group: the name, social security number (personnummer), email address and specialization ("linjetillhörighet").

The homework assignments are administrated in the following way. First, you register for a group (link to group registration) and will thereby be assigned a group number. Then, you submit the homework solutions electronically (link to homework submission). You should also book a suitable time with the examiner for presentation of your homework solutions. Each group makes one reservation of such time for each homework presentation (link to time slot reservation). At the presentation your group is expected to summarize, and argue for, the submitted solutions. The presentation takes place in the examiner's office.

Please note that you must be logged on to PingPong in order to be able to use some of the services mentioned above. If you do not have access to these services, please contact the examiner.


Please read these early and carefully!
  1. Deadlines are hard. If you for some reason cannot make the deadline, contact us in due time before the homework assignment deadline, and tell us what your reason is, together with a realistic proposal of a new personal deadline for you. You may then get an extension of the deadline.
  2. If sickness prevented you from submitting the homework assignment in time, you need to provide a note from your physician.
  3. Cheating is taken very seriously. Before you start working on the assignment, please read the Rules for Collaboration.


The homework assignment can be downloaded using the links provided below. You need to be logged on to PingPong to download the document.