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20 Aug 2015

I’ve put up today’s reexam as well as the answers!

12 Jun 2015

I’ve now put up last Friday’s exam together with answers!

29 May 2015

If you miss the final deadline for a lab, you can still pass it by coming to my office (5463) on the 12th of June between 1pm and 3pm and showing me the lab in person. If you can’t make it, please let me know and we can probably arrange another time!

28 May 2015

By popular demand, I moved the final deadline for the last lab backward by a week to the 5th of June.

27 May 2015

Alexander says he’ll be ~20 minutes late to the lab session on Friday. He’ll stay around afterwards to make up for it.
Also, if you miss the deadline for a lab, there’ll be a chance to show me the lab in person after exam week. I’ll announce the date/time soon.

21 May 2015

Yesterday’s lecture is now moved to next Monday, the 25th, at 10am in room ES52 (one floor above the normal lecture room).

20 May 2015

Sorry, I’ve been stupid! The lecture today was moved to the morning, because there are course evaluation meetings at Chalmers in the afternoon. But I forgot it had been moved!
As a result, the lecture today didn’t happen as I thought it was in the afternoon… Sorry to all those who came.
The next lecture will be on Friday as normal, and I will rebook today’s lecture for next week and announce it on the website.

11 May 2015

Here are some nice websites for visualising data structures: VisuAlgo, Data structure visualisation.

4 May 2015

Don’t forget that there’s a lecture tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm! It’s in room EL43, just down the corridor from the usual room. Next week, there’s a lecture on Monday at 10AM in room ED. In both these weeks the lecture on Wednesday will be at the usual time and place, but there’ll be no lecture on Friday. You can find all this information on the lectures page.

4 May 2015

For some reason the deadline for the sorting lab was in the middle of the week. I’ve extended it until Friday!

21 Apr 2015

I forgot to mention, I’ve put up deadlines for the labs now! The first one is the complexity hand-in on the 29th. Look on the labs page for more information.
Also, the exam is booked! It’ll be on Friday the 5th of June in the afternoon (14-18).
Finally, there are a couple of lectures that got moved about because they clashed with various things (e.g. Chalmers course evaluation afternoons), see TimeEdit for details.

27 Mar 2015

The Fire system is now up!

26 Mar 2015

I’ve made a Google group: You can use this to find lab partners or to discuss things with each other. If you want to get in contact with me or Alex you should still use email though.

25 Mar 2015

You can now find the student representatives at the bottom of the page!

25 Mar 2015

Sorry, I mistakenly wrote that the first lecture would be in EA! That was a slip of the pen, it’s in EL41!

22 Mar 2015

It seems there was a problem with the website and it wasn’t showing at the proper URL. Sorry about that!

19 Mar 2015

Hello! The website is now up. The first lecture will be on Wednesday the 25th of March, 13:15-15:00 in EL41.

Course organisation


Nick Smallbone <>. You can find me in room 5463 much of the time.

Course assistant

Alexander Sjösten <>.

Student representatives

Aldin Nikovic <> and Axel Olivecrona <>.

Google group, for finding lab partners etc.