Exam from May 2012

This is the exam from 2012. As you can see, it does not really contain any surprises. The idea is that it should be easy to pass if you have studied the lecture material and worked on the labs. Reading the papers that we pointed to, and the relevant chapters in Simon Marlow's book is also a good idea. In 2012, everyone who took the exam in May passed it, and it gave a point spread of 24 to 57 (out of 60). In 2013, a couple of people failed in May, but most passed. We will not be posting answers to this exam.

Exam from May 2013

This is the exam from 2013 (even though it says 2012 on it :).

This year's exam: May 2015

Date: 30 May 8:30-12:30

Location: Väg och Vatten

Permitted aids at the examination: You may bring up to two pages (on one A4 sheet of paper) of pre-written notes - a "summary sheet". These notes may be typed or handwritten. They may be from any source. If this summary sheet is brought to the exam it must also be handed in with the exam (so make a copy if you want to keep it).

The pedagogical idea of the summary sheet is that the process of writing it is at least as important as the sheet itself.

Reexam: August 2015 (omtenta)

Date: 20 August, afternoon