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Technical writing in computer systems and networks -- DAT147

Autumn semester,
study period 1, 2015

(Course code for Göteborg University: DIT665)


Course Description

This course aims to develop the student's awareness of the underlying structure of scientific and engineering research papers, and to improve proficiency in reviewing and writing scientific research papers as well as presenting such papers in public. To this end the student examines and surveys current state of the art in a specific field, such as e.g. data communication, computer networks, distributed systems, computer security, real-time systems, computer architecture and computer system engineering and writes an analytical survey paper in this field. Ethical issues in general and in connection with scientific writing, e.g. plagiarism and authorship, is an important part of the course.

Recommended text book
Writing for Computer Science, 3rd ed., by Justin Zobel, ISBN 978-1-85233-802-2
(Full Text Online, Chalmers Library)

Template papers
These papers will be used as illustrative survey examples in the lectures and workshops:
Model-Based Evaluation: From Dependability to Security" by Nicol et al
"Prudent Practices for Designing Malware Experiments Status Quo and Outlook" by Christian Rossow et al.

"Little words can make a big difference for text classification" by Ellen Riloff

Examiner and teachers

Examiner and coordinator: Professor Erland Jonsson, phone: 031-772 1698, email: erland.jonsson

Teachers (language): Linda Bradley, phone: 031-772 5769, email: linda.bradley
                                  Raffaella Negretti, phone: 772 xxxx, email: negretti

Teachers (ethics): Richard Torkar, phone: 031-772 5719, email: richard.torkar


                        Magnus Almgren
                        Niklas Broberg
                        Olaf Landsiedel
                        Sally McKee
                        Tomas Olovsson

                        Marina Papatriantafilou
                        Risat Pathan
                        Elad Schiller
                        Philippas Tsigas                   

Teaching assistant:

                        Iosif Salem, course assistant, phone: 031-772 1053, email: iosif

Student groups and supervisors:

                        The grouping of students and allocation of supervisors is found here.

Course schedule

Lectures and workshops
(Participation in some Lectures below is compulsory.)

Students must actively participate in all presentations given the same day as his/her own presentation

Milestone dates - overview 

A list of events, deadlines and todos, dated 2015-10-21, is found here.

Extra Reading

Course Evaluation

    The half-way meeting was held 2015-09-30. Short notes from it is found here.
    The final course evaluation meeting was held 2015-12-11. The minutes from it are found here.

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