Bioinformatics (2011/2012)

Bioinformatics (2011/2012)


2012-02-29 There are opportunities to work on summer projects in bioinformatics.
Contact Erik Kristiansson for information about summer projects in bioinformatics at Chalmers.
The Genome Analysis Group at the University of Oxford will run a project-based summer school in computational biology and bioinformatics.
2012-02-24 Additional materials related to the HMM part of the course have been added to the exam information page.
2012-02-23 Slides from Erik Kristiansson's lectures have been added to the web site.
2012-02-23 Some exam information has been added to the web site.
2012-01-18 Today we have a lecture in KS2 at 13:15, then a lab in MVF25 at 15:15. Please note that several room changes have been made for the later weeks. See the schedule the more details.
2012-01-15 The first lecture in this course is at 15:15 on Monday 16 January in room KS2.

General Information


Grades will be determined by a written exam at the end of the course. But in order to pass the course you must also submit solutions to specified exercises.

There is an on-line list of students who have completed the practical work (local access).


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