MBT: Model-Based Testing

Study period 4, 2012
Tue 13 March - Wed 16 May, 2012
Course codes: DIT848/GU and TDA260/Chalmers, 7.5 hp

Given by Computer Science and Engineering at
Chalmers Technical University and The University of Gothenburg

There will be weekly assignments, which may be done individually or in groups. Note that the assignments are not mandatory. However, experience shows that if you do not make the assignments it is very difficult to pass the exam. We thus highly recommend that you do work on the weekly assignments and consult the assistants regularly. Supervisors will give appropriate feedback on assignments. Students are encouraged to read and consider this feedback as part of their learning activities. In particular, feedback of "non-approved" assignments should be taken seriously and be used as a preparation for the exam. Every week, there will be few hours dedicated to supervision of assignments, where course assistants will be available for questions regarding the assignments. This consultation will take place on Thursdays.

Note: The course assistants will mostly be available at the beginning of the consultation meetings, and not necessarily be present during the whole afternoon; so try to arrive early if you have questions about the assignments. The room is booked so you have a place where to discuss and work on the assignments.

Required Software

You need to install the required tools for MBT (ModelJUnit and QuickCheck). More information will be given during the lectures.

For instructions on setting your environment for assignments 1 and 2, please follow the instructions given in the slides MBT_setting_JUnit_EclEmma.pdf

Weekly Assignments

Assignments will be posted here in due time.

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