Functional Programming 2011, TDA 452, DIT 142

Last updated 17-01-2012

Latest News

All participants of the course are expected to join the course google group.

Purpose of the course

The course is an introduction to Functional Programming for students who know how to program. The students come mainly from the masters program at Chalmers and the University of Göteborg.

Practical information

Contents of the course

These are from TDA451 2010. Content will be similar for this year. Minor updates will be made as we go along.

Week 1:

(Minor updates to Intro slides only) (live code now updated 2011)

Week 2:

Reordered lectures 2011: Higher-order functions now covered in week 2 instead of week 4.

Week 3:

Week 4:

2011 Note: Slides have been updated to be consistent with the code and video.

Week 5:

Slides update 2011

Week 6:

updated slides 2011

Week 7:

Lab Assignments

In the table below you will find links to lab assignments which have to be handed in. For each assignment have a submission deadline at which you must submit your solutions. If your lab does not pass (incorrect or simply badly coded) then you must resubmit. You have until the final deadline. The final deadline is absolute: it is the last possible date to hand in your solutions. If your solutions are not passed you get no further chances this term.

Submission deadline Final deadline (parts A & B)
Lab 1 Tuesday 2011-11-01 Friday 2011-11-11
Lab 2A Tuesday 2011-11-08
Lab 2B Tuesday 2011-11-15 Friday 2011-11-25
Lab 3A Tuesday 2011-11-22
Lab 3B Tuesday 2011-11-29 Friday 2011-12-09
Lab 4A Tuesday 2011-12-06
Lab 4B Tuesday 2011-12-13 Tuesday 2011-12-20


Please read this link about how to get help!

Simon and Krasimir have open office hours listed below when you can drop in and ask questions about the lab assignments.

These drop-in times are valid from Thursday of week 2 (2011-11-03).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Simon (room 6103) 11.00-11.50 15.00 - 15.50
Krasimir (room 6120A) 16.00 - 16.50 16.00-16.50

Haskell Documentation and Other Resources

Haskell Installation (GHC) on your own machine

Ghc(i) can be downloaded from its home page.

More Reading

Old exams (TDA 451)

Even older exams. These are a bit different from the current style, but there are some useful examples to be found.


The examination of the course has two parts: the weekly assignments and a written exam in the end of the course. To pass the course it is necessary to pass all home assignments and the exam. The exam dates are announced on the student portal .